Type Network + Font Bureau

Font Bureau is a founding member of Type Network, a new model for type design, development, licensing, and use. Owned and operated by type designers, Type Network features a common catalog and shopping cart offering fonts from Font Bureau and other member foundries.

Font Bureau’s current licenses, with no changes to existing terms, are now served through Type Network.



The Font Bureau, Inc.
179 South Street, 7th Floor
Boston MA 02111

Tel: 617.423.8770
Fax: 617.423.8771

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Hours: 9am–7pm EST

Font Submissions

Join over 30 of the most distinguished designers from around the world in expanding the Font Bureau Retail Library.

A couple of times a year, we ask designers to submit their latest designs for possible retail publication. We already have a distinctive library containing some of the most innovative and useful type designs available today. Of course, we still allow and encourage designers to submit their work at any time. Occasionally, we have a Custom or OEM client interested in a typeface that’s already in development.

Because we’re committed to producing high quality, cutting-edge design, we’ve developed a new system for accepting submissions and developing designs. If you’ve submitted your typefaces to Font Bureau in another format, or in the past, please resubmit them using our new submission procedures.

A select group of type designers will review and respond to all submissions and a timely response will follow after the submission deadline. All submissions will be kept strictly confidential. Upon acceptance, Font Bureau will help plan the best possible design and production schedule
Designers who publish typefaces with Font Bureau receive a royalty percentage of all sales based on the typefaces level of completion. The level of completion is an important determining factor in your percentage of royalties. Here are some examples of stages of completion:

  • Full digital (Type One or TrueType outline) character set, all spacing and kerning.
  • Full digital character set, spaced, no kerning.
  • Basic digital characters (uc, lc, figs, and punct.), spaced, no kerning.
  • Full analog (drawings on paper, film, etc.) character set. (as artwork)
  • Basic analog characters set. (u.c., l.c., figs, and punct.)
  • Concept, logo, or several analog characters.

Submissions Guidelines

Follow these guidelines to submit your type ideas. Font Bureau accepts submissions on an on-going basis.

Print Format

  • Submit one white bond sheet, 11" x 8.5" landscape, for each style in the font family.
  • List the proposed family name and style name on the top of each sheet .
  • Use the words HAMBURGEFONTS & hamburgefonts at 60 pt.
  • Include the proposed number of styles in the family, and their names.
  • List the characters you have completed to date - print them using your font, if possible.
  • Indicate whether you intend to finish the font, or whether you want us to help you finish it.
  • You may include other proofs which may better represent your typeface (especially text).
  • Include your name, address, phone and email on the back of each sheet.

Digital Format

Submissions may also be emailed in PDF Format to submissions@fontbureau.com. Please use the guidelines above when submitting PDF files.

Send Submissions To

The Font Bureau, Inc., Attn: Jill Pichotta, 179 South Street, 7th Floor, Boston MA 02111

Submission Example


You can address your questions or comments to submissions@fontbureau.com, or call Jill Pichotta at the Font Bureau 617.423.8770.