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Tasse can be seen as a straight-sided Futura, a design useful wherever Futura and its derivatives might apply. Developed from Topic, also known as Steile Futura, it is a letterform that Paul Renner himself explored in the mid nineteen-fifties. Guy Jeffrey Nelson has modernized the idea, expanding it into a twenty-member family of four weights and five widths. Each style also offers a wide selection of alternate character shapes; FB 1994

Among other uses, Tasse is recommended for Newspaper, Magazine, Book and Corporate use.

Change text:

 Tasse - Regular Compressed

 Tasse - Regular Condensed

 Tasse - Regular

 Tasse - Regular Wide

 Tasse - Regular Extended

 Tasse - Medium Compressed

 Tasse - Medium Condensed

 Tasse - Medium

 Tasse - Medium Wide

 Tasse - Medium Extended

 Tasse - Bold Compressed

 Tasse - Bold Condensed

 Tasse - Bold

 Tasse - Bold Wide

 Tasse - Bold Extended

 Tasse - Black Compressed

 Tasse - Black Condensed

 Tasse - Black

 Tasse - Black Wide

 Tasse - Black Extended

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