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Font Bureau is a founding member of Type Network, a new model for type design, development, licensing, and use. Owned and operated by type designers, Type Network features a common catalog and shopping cart offering fonts from Font Bureau and other member foundries.

Font Bureau’s current licenses, with no changes to existing terms, are now served through Type Network.


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New Release


In trying to understand the anatomy of a typeface, Daniel Perraudin set out to create Parka — a seemingly unadorned sans worth adoring for its subtle quirk that gives way to an even, pure performance. Looking closely at the lowercase d, b, p, q, and a, where a curve meets the stem, you’ll see the upper and lower curves are not identical — one is angular while the other is rounded. It is this combination that gives Parka its subtle distinction.

When staged for display, the sturdy forms show their humanistic influences and strength. Presented at small sizes, Parka shines as a serious, economically-spaced typeface. It has the versatility for the everyday or the exceptional. Magazines and journals are big fans. Corporate branding gives rave reviews.

12 Styles: Light, Regular, Medium, Bold, ExtraBold, and Black; all with Small Caps and corresponding Italics.

Parka is available as full-featured OpenType fonts with small caps, multiple figure styles, and other features.

More Parka: http://www.fontbureau.com/fonts/Parka/



Electing Type

The New York Times and NPR both seek out Sam Berlow for commentary on the font choices of candidates. “The goal of a political visual identity is to subconsciously plant name recognition into voters’ memories with type, symbols, embellishments, and color,” he writes in a follow up blog. As our elections become more branded, what do candidates’ graphic choices say to voters? Quite a lot.

Read: http://www.fontbureau.com/news/2010/11/2010-election-typography/


Generous Gesture

Ever wonder about the icon at the bottom of our home page for Generous Gesture? It’s Font Bureau’s call in supporting the way type can inform social awareness. Founder Claudia Mens designs shawls using a combination of typography and ornament. In a fair trade partnership with an NGO in Bangladesh, the shawls are hand printed, dyed, and then embroidered by groups of women. These beautiful silk shawls contribute to sustainable livelihoods for the makers and make generous gifts from you, right in time for the holidays.

More: http://www.fontbureau.com/books/generousgesture/


The Story of Type: Manutius et al.

Italy in the early sixteenth century — Manutius and Griffo team up as prolific punchcutter-printers in Venice; writing master Tagliente typesets his famous writing manual; and calligrapher-punchcutter Arrighi and the papal printer Blado are notable in Rome. This is the fifth installment of Mike Parker’s historical writings.

Read: http://type101.fontbureau.com/parker-type-history-5/

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