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Announcing Webtype: Better fonts for better websites.

Led by Font Bureau and Ascender Corporation, Webtype is an innovative new web font service that provides high-end fonts for online typography by offering web designers and developers the resources they need to bring professional branding and style to their websites.

Webtype is an initiative by a partnership of experts: Font Bureau, Ascender Corporation, DevBridge, Roger Black, and Petr van Blokland. Within that group sit some of the most respected leaders in type and technology — people uniquely suited to take on the issue of web fonts.

Why a new font service?

In the past, technical issues limited how fonts could be used on websites, but now support in all the major web browsers for the CSS @font-face rule has opened up a new world of possibilities for web typography.

In this emerging arena, we wanted to maintain certain essential requirements while providing web fonts to our customers. So we decided to start from the ground up in building a new web font service in order to provide the best rendering of our fonts and a flexible licensing model that fits.

What sets Webtype apart?

  • The most readable text fonts for the web. Font Bureau’s David Berlow, with his vast experience of screen font requirements, has worked with the FB designers to develop the Reading Edge™ (RE) series of web fonts, optimized specifically for onscreen text at small sizes. The series initially consists of four designs, with more to follow. With RE fonts, web designers and developers can now expect the highest publication-quality text rendering and readability onscreen.
  • Methodically hinted fonts. Tom Rickner (the man behind the hinting of Georgia and Verdana) and his team at Ascender, have applied their extensive hinting expertise to methodically tune each Webtype web font for optimal performance. The result is type that renders crispy and cleanly across all browsers and operating systems.
  • Flexible licensing model. Webtype fonts are affordably priced and modular by design, so you only pay for the fonts you need and for the level of traffic that your site draws.
  • Free 30-day testing for each Webtype font. Webtype’s free trial period allows you to experiment with different web fonts and see what you need before making a commitment.
  • Customized web fonts. Through the Webtype service, Font Bureau and Ascender can provide specialized fonts to meet any individual client’s particular website branding needs.

See which fonts have been optimized and are now available for web use through Webtype. We hope you enjoy not just the new web fonts, but your access to better typographic expression, including the quality Font Bureau designs you’ve come to trust!

Read the official press release:

If you’re viewing this page with a current browser that supports @font-face, then you’re experiencing web fonts in action. This page uses Antenna, BentonModernRE, and BentonSansRE from Font Bureau, served by Webtype.

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