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In his sketchbook, Cyrus Highsmith experimented, developing a sanserif version of his slabserif Dispatch. As he drew strokes and counters, he realized that he had an original family with its own strong character, not just a sanserif partner for Dispatch. Art Director David Schlow chose Stainless for Premiere magazine; Highsmith designed three display weights: Ultra Thin, Thin, and Ultra Light; the italics were added later; FB 2002–07

Stainless is also available for online use with @font-face through the Webtype hosted font service.

Among other uses, Stainless is recommended for Newspaper, Magazine, Book and Corporate use.

Change text:

 Stainless - Compressed Light

 Stainless - Compressed Light Italic

 Stainless - Compressed Regular

 Stainless - Compressed Regular Italic

 Stainless - Compressed Bold

 Stainless - Compressed Bold Italic

 Stainless - Compressed Black

 Stainless - Compressed Black Italic

 Stainless - Condensed Light

 Stainless - Condensed Light Italic

 Stainless - Condensed Regular

 Stainless - Condensed Regular Italic

 Stainless - Condensed Bold

 Stainless - Condensed Bold Italic

 Stainless - Condensed Black

 Stainless - Condensed Black Italic

 Stainless - Ultra Thin

 Stainless - Thin

 Stainless - Ultra Light

 Stainless - Light

 Stainless - Light Italic

 Stainless - Regular

 Stainless - Regular Italic

 Stainless - Bold

 Stainless - Bold Italic

 Stainless - Black

 Stainless - Black Italic

 Stainless - Extended Light

 Stainless - Extended Light Italic

 Stainless - Extended Regular

 Stainless - Extended Regular Italic

 Stainless - Extended Bold

 Stainless - Extended Bold Italic

 Stainless - Extended Black

 Stainless - Extended Black Italic

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