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Font Bureau’s current licenses, with no changes to existing terms, are now served through Type Network.

Central & South America

La Prensa Gráfica

Great ideas can still emerge over conference food.

Such was the case when Eduardo Danilo, renowned Latin American publications designer, and Cyrus Highsmith met again and started talking type to stave off their culinary disappointment. Danilo loved W.A. Dwiggins’s palate and sense of counter form, and wanted more. Highsmith shared this appreciation and soon enough went about making Quiosco, the new Dwiggins-inspired newspaper text.

Danilo found the perfect venue in La Prensa Gráfica to get a taste of the new typeface. The glyphs have a rich imaginative life, while permitting more compact word space in narrow columns with no loss of readability. It is a delicious compliment to any adventuring publication. FB 2002

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Services Provided
· Original typeface

Designed by
· Eduardo Danilo