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Drawing inspiration from W.A. Dwiggins and Eric Gill, book designer Kent Lew has treated classical design traits with a spartan finish to create award-winning Whitman, honored in 2002 by TDC. Even-tempered in text, stately and striking in display, it is refreshing in its simplicity — at once familiar and unique. Truly refined in concept, meticulous in detail, Whitman is a welcome addition to the palette of the discriminating typographer; FB 2003-08

Among other uses, Whitman is recommended for Magazine and Book use.

Change text:

 Whitman - Small Caps LF and OsF

 Whitman - Roman LF and OsF

 Whitman - Italic Small Caps LF and OsF

 Whitman - Italic LF and OsF

 Whitman - Semibold LF and OsF

 Whitman - Semibold Italic LF and OsF

 Whitman - Bold LF and OsF

 Whitman - Bold Italic LF and OsF

 Whitman - Extra Bold LF and OsF

 Whitman - Extra Bold Italic LF and OsF

 Whitman - Black LF and OsF

 Whitman - Black Italic LF and OsF

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