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60 Styles

Prompted initially by commercial lettering and landmarks of the ’20s and ’30s, David Jonathan Ross fused a high-contrast style with a rationalized structure of flattened curves and wide-open apertures to devise this glimmering sans-serif family with slight Deco undertones. Condor has an unusually broad wingspan: from taut, compact weights that flaunt their athletic energy to bright, airy styles that radiate luxuriously; FB 2010


Condor is available as OpenType fonts with stylistic alternates, layout features, and extended language support.

Condor is also available for online use with @font-face through the Webtype hosted font service.

Among other uses, Condor is recommended for Magazine and Corporate use.

Change text:

 Condor Compressed - Extra Light

 Condor Compressed - Extra Light Italic

 Condor Compressed - Light

 Condor Compressed - Light Italic

 Condor Compressed - Regular

 Condor Compressed - Regular Italic

 Condor Compressed - Medium

 Condor Compressed - Medium Italic

 Condor Compressed - Bold

 Condor Compressed - Bold Italic

 Condor Compressed - Black

 Condor Compressed - Black Italic

 Condor Condensed - Extra Light

 Condor Condensed - Extra Light Italic

 Condor Condensed - Light

 Condor Condensed - Light Italic

 Condor Condensed - Regular

 Condor Condensed - Regular Italic

 Condor Condensed - Medium

 Condor Condensed - Medium Italic

 Condor Condensed - Bold

 Condor Condensed - Bold Italic

 Condor Condensed - Black

 Condor Condensed - Black Italic

 Condor - Extra Light

 Condor - Extra Light Italic

 Condor - Light

 Condor - Light Italic

 Condor - Regular

 Condor - Regular Italic

 Condor - Medium

 Condor - Medium Italic

 Condor - Bold

 Condor - Bold Italic

 Condor - Black

 Condor - Black Italic

 Condor Wide - Extra Light

 Condor Wide - Extra Light Italic

 Condor Wide - Light

 Condor Wide - Light Italic

 Condor Wide - Regular

 Condor Wide - Regular Italic

 Condor Wide - Medium

 Condor Wide - Medium Italic

 Condor Wide - Bold

 Condor Wide - Bold Italic

 Condor Wide - Black

 Condor Wide - Black Italic

 Condor Extended - Extra Light

 Condor Extended - Extra Light Italic

 Condor Extended - Light

 Condor Extended - Light Italic

 Condor Extended - Regular

 Condor Extended - Regular Italic

 Condor Extended - Medium

 Condor Extended - Medium Italic

 Condor Extended - Bold

 Condor Extended - Bold Italic

 Condor Extended - Black Italic

 Condor Extended - Black

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