14 Styles

Seen through the eyes of type designer Xavier Dupré, Zingha “balances French rhythm with American style.” Traditional inscriptions inspire design of the roman capitals, but Dupré allowed himself more freedom in the spirited lowercase and personal italic. He drew at night, defying the round and luscious letterforms required by his day job preparing sweet and creamy designs to please the food packaging industry; FB 2005.

Change text:

 Zingha - Regular Small Caps

 Zingha - Regular

 Zingha - Regular Italic Swash

 Zingha - Regular Italic

 Zingha - Medium Small Caps

 Zingha - Medium

 Zingha - Medium Italic Swash

 Zingha - Medium Italic

 Zingha - Bold Small Caps

 Zingha - Bold Deco

 Zingha - Bold

 Zingha - Bold Italic Swash Deco

 Zingha - Bold Italic Swash

 Zingha - Bold Italic

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