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Williams Caslon Text

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In 18th-century England & America, Caslon fonts came to dominate printing. Hot-metal revivals in the 20th century were legendary for readability. The letterpress printers’ adage was: “When in doubt, use Caslon.” William Berkson drew Williams Caslon to bring this comfortably readable classic into the 21st century, capturing in digital form the warm, lively, dark, and open look at the heart of this perennial favorite; FB 2010

Williams Caslon Text was chosen for the “Graphic Design—Now in Production” exhibition co-organized by Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum and the Walker Art Center in 2012.


Williams Caslon is provided as premium OpenType fonts with a full set of professional OT layout features and extended language support.

Fonts are also available in legacy Postscript format with limited character sets.

Among other uses, Williams Caslon Text is recommended for Magazine and Book use.

Williams Caslon Text

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