Verdana Pro

20 Styles

Matthew Carter designed Verdana specifically for the screen. Its clarity and versatility, along with hinting from Tom Rickner, have withstood the medium’s limitations. Fifteen years later Verdana is still among the most legible, usable fonts on the Web. Three new weights, a Condensed width, and small caps make it fit for print & mobile use too. David Berlow expanded the family with help from David Jonathan Ross; FB 2011


Verdana Pro is available as full-featured OpenType fonts with small caps, both lining & oldstyle figures, and extensive pan-European language support.

Verdana Pro is also available for online use with @font-face through the Webtype hosted font service.

Among other uses, Verdana Pro is recommended for Magazine, Web and Corporate use.

Change text:

 Verdana Pro - Condensed Light

 Verdana Pro - Condensed Light Italic

 Verdana Pro - Light

 Verdana Pro - Light Italic

 Verdana Pro - Condensed Regular

 Verdana Pro - Condensed Italic

 Verdana Pro - Regular

 Verdana Pro - Italic

 Verdana Pro - Condensed Semi Bold

 Verdana Pro - Condensed Semi Bold Italic

 Verdana Pro - Semi Bold

 Verdana Pro - Semi Bold Italic

 Verdana Pro - Condensed Bold

 Verdana Pro - Condensed Bold Italic

 Verdana Pro - Bold

 Verdana Pro - Bold Italic

 Verdana Pro - Condensed Black

 Verdana Pro - Condensed Black Italic

 Verdana Pro - Black

 Verdana Pro - Black Italic

Verdana Pro Minisite
Verdana Pro Minisite

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