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12 Styles

In 1995, David Berlow was commissioned by Agfa to design a typeface based on a research visit to the Museum Plantin-Moretus in Antwerp. Berlow designed this family, in a tight range of weights, to address the issue of modern versus letterpress printing techniques, with respect to sixteenth-century types. Throhand follows many of the museum’s specimens, including works by Garamond, Van Den Keere, and unknown cutters; FB 1995

Among other uses, Throhand is recommended for Newspaper, Magazine, Book and Corporate use.

Change text:

 Throhand - Pen Roman Exp

 Throhand - Pen Roman

 Throhand - Pen Italic Exp

 Throhand - Pen Italic

 Throhand - Regular Roman Exp

 Throhand - Regular Roman

 Throhand - Regular Italic Exp

 Throhand - Regular Italic

 Throhand - Ink Roman Exp

 Throhand - Ink Roman

 Throhand - Ink Italic Exp

 Throhand - Ink Italic

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