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Since 1997, The Washington Post’s iconic headlines have been distinguished by their own sturdy, concise variation on Bodoni, designed by Matthew Carter. For the 2009 redesign, Richard Lipton, Jill Pichotta, and Dyana Weissman expanded the family with more refined Display & Condensed styles for use in larger sizes. Originally called Postoni, the fonts were renamed in honor of The Post’s founder, Stilson Hutchins; FB 2012


Stilson is available as OpenType fonts with both lining and oldstyle figures, case punctuation, fractions, and stylistic alternates.

Among other uses, Stilson is recommended for Newspaper, Magazine and Corporate use.

Change text:

 Stilson - Regular

 Stilson - Italic

 Stilson - Bold

 Stilson - Bold Italic

 Stilson Display - Regular

 Stilson Display - Italic

 Stilson Display - Bold

 Stilson Display - Bold Italic

 Stilson Display Condensed - Regular

 Stilson Display Condensed - Italic

 Stilson Display Condensed - Bold

 Stilson Display Condensed - Bold Italic

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