9 Styles

Sloop offers the adventurous typographer wide choices of variant forms in three weights of a classically elegant script. Richard Lipton suggests setting text lowercase in Sloop One or Two, capitals in One or Three, with judicious emphasis through ascenders and descenders from Three, capitals from Two. Lipton designed Sloop from the rich variety of styles offered by the late Newport calligrapher Raphael Boguslav; FB 1994–2002

Sloop One is also available as OpenType WGL fonts in all three weights. WGL fonts cover the Microsoft WGL pan-European character set and support Basic Latin, Central & Eastern European, Turkish, Baltic, Greek, and Cyrillic.

Sloop WGL is available for licensing.
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Change text:

 Sloop - Script Three

 Sloop - Script Two

 Sloop - Script One

 Sloop - Script Medium Three

 Sloop - Script Medium Two

 Sloop - Script Medium One

 Sloop - Script Bold One

 Sloop - Script Bold Three

 Sloop - Script Bold Two

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