Scotch FB

9 Styles

De Vinne credits Samuel Nelson Dickinson with “modelling” the first Scotch in Boston in 1837, a design which he had cut by Alexander Wilson in Glasgow. In 1839, Dickinson opened his foundry with the matrices. Scotch has always been more popular in the US than in Great Britain. Working from original Scotch and W.A. Dwiggins’ Caledonia, David Berlow relighted the American tradition with this brilliant text face for Newsweek; FB 1993

Among other uses, Scotch FB is recommended for Newspaper, Magazine, Book and Corporate use.

Change text:

Scotch FB - Display Regular

Scotch FB - Display Italic

Scotch FB - Middle Regular

Scotch FB - Middle Italic

Scotch FB - Text Regular Small Caps

Scotch FB - Text Regular

Scotch FB - Text Italic

Scotch FB - Text Bold

Scotch FB - Text Black

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