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Salvo Serif

30 Styles

Cyrus Highsmith designed Salvo Sans & Salvo Serif (originally called Boomer Sans & Boomer Serif) as one series to tie the design of AARP The Magazine to AARP The Bulletin and AARP Segunda Juventud. Together the Salvos illustrate the guiding sentiments of the design director Courtney Murphy, “Hopeful, informative, alive, embracing and delightful. The right words draw people in, but on a subconscious level the typeface does that first.”; FB 2007, 2011


Salvo Serif is available as OpenType fonts with both proportional and tabular figures plus arbitrary fractions.

Salvo Serif is also available for online use with @font-face through the Webtype hosted font service.

Among other uses, Salvo Serif is recommended for Newspaper, Magazine and Corporate use.

Change text:

 Salvo Serif Extra Condensed - Light

 Salvo Serif Extra Condensed - Light Italic

 Salvo Serif Extra Condensed - Regular

 Salvo Serif Extra Condensed - Italic

 Salvo Serif Extra Condensed - Medium

 Salvo Serif Extra Condensed - Medium Italic

 Salvo Serif Extra Condensed - Bold

 Salvo Serif Extra Condensed - Bold Italic

 Salvo Serif Extra Condensed - Black

 Salvo Serif Extra Condensed - Black Italic

 Salvo Serif Condensed - Light

 Salvo Serif Condensed - Light Italic

 Salvo Serif Condensed - Regular

 Salvo Serif Condensed - Italic

 Salvo Serif Condensed - Medium

 Salvo Serif Condensed - Medium Italic

 Salvo Serif Condensed - Bold

 Salvo Serif Condensed - Bold Italic

 Salvo Serif Condensed - Black

 Salvo Serif Condensed - Black Italic

 Salvo Serif - Light

 Salvo Serif - Light Italic

 Salvo Serif - Regular

 Salvo Serif - Italic

 Salvo Serif - Medium

 Salvo Serif - Medium Italic

 Salvo Serif - Bold

 Salvo Serif - Bold Italic

 Salvo Serif - Black

 Salvo Serif - Black Italic

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