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16 Styles

Generous curves above and below the straight-sided Railroad Gothic parallel those of Figgins’ elephantine Grotesques, lending both British and American series their monumental qualities. Shrinking center strokes and counters to emphasize a massive periphery, David Berlow has used this curious similarity to suspend a complete family of sans serifs between the two forms, a manly series of great dignity and presence; FB 1997

Among other uses, Rhode is recommended for Newspaper, Magazine, Book and Corporate use.

Change text:

 Rhode - Medium Condensed

 Rhode - Medium Normal

 Rhode - Medium Wide

 Rhode - Medium Extended

 Rhode - Semibold Condensed

 Rhode - Semibold Normal

 Rhode - Semibold Wide

 Rhode - Semibold Extended

 Rhode - Bold Condensed

 Rhode - Bold Normal

 Rhode - Bold Wide

 Rhode - Bold Extended

 Rhode - Black Condensed

 Rhode - Black Normal

 Rhode - Black Wide

 Rhode - Black Extended

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