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40 Styles

Relay reaches back to the middle of the last century for inspiration. In England, Edward Johnston and Eric Gill applied humanist proportions and shapes to the geometric sanserif and established a trend within European art deco. In the United States, CH Griffth and W.A. Dwiggins achieved a similar effect with Metro, influencing American lettering from the diner to the comic book. Cyrus Highsmith, a lifelong fan of the comics, has designed a spirited new series within this American tradition; FB 2002

Relay is also available for online use with @font-face through the Webtype hosted font service.

Among other uses, Relay is recommended for Newspaper, Magazine, Book and Corporate use.

Change text:

 Relay - Compressed Light

 Relay - Compressed Light Italic

 Relay - Condensed Light

 Relay - Condensed Light Italic

 Relay - Light

 Relay - Light Italic

 Relay - Wide Light

 Relay - Wide Lightitalic

 Relay - Compressed Regular

 Relay - Compressed Regular Italic

 Relay - Condensed Regular

 Relay - Condensed Regular Italic

 Relay - Regular

 Relay - Regular Italic

 Relay - Wide Regular

 Relay - Wide Regular Italic

 Relay - Compressed Medium

 Relay - Compressed Medium Italic

 Relay - Condensed Medium

 Relay - Condensed Medium Italic

 Relay - Medium

 Relay - Medium Italic

 Relay - Wide Medium

 Relay - Wide Medium Italic

 Relay - Compressed Bold

 Relay - Compressed Bold Italic

 Relay - Condensed Bold

 Relay - Condensed Bold Italic

 Relay - Bold

 Relay - Bold Italic

 Relay - Wide Bold

 Relay - Wide Bold Italic

 Relay - Compressed Black

 Relay - Compressed Black Italic

 Relay - Condensed Black

 Relay - Condensed Black Italic

 Relay - Black

 Relay - Black Italic

 Relay - Wide Black

 Relay - Wide Black Italic

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