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At the turn of the millennium, Petr van Blokland conceived Productus as the humanist sanserif companion to his prizewinning oldstyle Proforma. Petr has shaped the pair as an ideal vehicle for distinguished corporate design, capable of styling all conceivable corporate documents. Small sizes of text read outstandingly well in either type. Both offer related distinction for headlines. Each supports the structure of the other; FB 2000

Among other uses, Productus is recommended for Newspaper, Magazine, Book and Corporate use.

Change text:

 Productus - Book

 Productus - Book Italic

 Productus - Medium

 Productus - Medium Italic

 Productus - Semibold

 Productus - Semibold Italic

 Productus - Bold

 Productus - Bold Italic

 Productus - Black

 Productus - Black Italic

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