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Prensa Display

36 Styles

Cyrus Highsmith designed Prensa Display to accompany his popular Prensa. The family shares a distinctive tension within the forms, achieved through a process of wrapping outside curves around the inside, a technique inspired by the work of W. A. Dwiggins. Expanded to include additional widths, Prensa Display features refined details and more compact proportions for really packing in powerful headlines; FB 2011


Prensa Display is available as premium OpenType font with a full set of professional OT layout features and extended language support.

Fonts are also available in legacy Postscript format with limited character sets.

Among other uses, Prensa Display is recommended for Newspaper, Magazine and Corporate use.

Change text:

 Prensa Display Compressed - Light

 Prensa Display Compressed - Light Italic

 Prensa Display Condensed - Light

 Prensa Display Condensed - Light Italic

 Prensa Display - Light

 Prensa Display - Light Italic

 Prensa Display Compressed - Book

 Prensa Display Compressed - Book Italic

 Prensa Display Condensed - Book

 Prensa Display Condensed - Book Italic

 Prensa Display - Book

 Prensa Display - Book Italic

 Prensa Display Compressed - Regular

 Prensa Display Compressed - Regular Italic

 Prensa Display Condensed - Regular

 Prensa Display Condensed - Regular Italic

 Prensa Display - Regular

 Prensa Display - Regular Italic

 Prensa Display Compressed - SemiBold

 Prensa Display Compressed - Semi Bold Italic

 Prensa Display Condensed - SemiBold

 Prensa Display Condensed - Semi Bold Italic

 Prensa Display - SemiBold

 Prensa Display - Semi Bold Italic

 Prensa Display Compressed - Bold

 Prensa Display Compressed - Bold Italic

 Prensa Display Condensed - Bold

 Prensa Display Condensed - Bold Italic

 Prensa Display - Bold

 Prensa Display - Bold Italic

 Prensa Display Compressed - Black

 Prensa Display Compressed - Black Italic

 Prensa Display Condensed - Black

 Prensa Display Condensed - Black Italic

 Prensa Display - Black

 Prensa Display - Black Italic

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