24 Styles
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Prelude is an original sans serif design by David Berlow, commissioned in 2009 by Roger Black. Berlow consulted with Matías Duarte, Peter Skillman, and the Palm team. Prelude has simple, generous letterforms which provide a clear, comfortable, and inviting experience for UI navigation, app development and web readability. A family of six fonts was developed for the Palm Pre. This set was expanded to 24 styles with four weights, Light, Medium, Bold and Black and three widths, Compressed, Condensed and Regular.

A related set of fonts, named Apres, which are tuned specifically for use in print and marketing, were also developed by Berlow and Richard Lipton at the Font Bureau.

Prelude and Apres are available upon request.

Among other uses, Prelude is recommended for Web, Custom and Upcoming use.

Prelude - Compressed Light

Prelude - Compressed Light Italic

Prelude - Condensed Light

Prelude - Condensed Light Italic

Prelude - Light

Prelude - Light Italic

Prelude - Compressed Medium

Prelude - Compressed Medium Italic

Prelude - Condensed Medium

Prelude - Condensed Medium Italic

Prelude - Medium

Prelude - Medium Italic

Prelude - Compressed Bold

Prelude - Compressed Bold Italic

Prelude - Condensed Bold

Prelude - Condensed Bold Italic

Prelude - Bold

Prelude - Bold Italic

Prelude - Compressed Black

Prelude - Compressed Black Italic

Prelude - Condensed Black

Prelude - Condensed Black Italic

Prelude - Black

Prelude - Black Italic

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