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Poynter Gothic Text

16 Styles

Morris Fuller Benton’s drawings at the Smithsonian show a creative concern for effects of scale on typeface design. Tobias Frere-Jones began with 4-point ATF Franklin Gothic drawings, modifying proportions to mix with Poynter Oldstyle & Benton Gothic, and adjusting ends of curved strokes “C G S a c e r s” to suit news printing conditions. Poynter Gothic Text excels as subheads used with Poynter Oldstyle Text; FB 1997–99


Poynter Gothic Text is available as standard OpenType fonts with both proportional and tabular lining figures.

Among other uses, Poynter Gothic Text is recommended for Newspaper, Magazine and Corporate use.

Change text:

 Poynter Gothic Text - Light Condensed

 Poynter Gothic Text - Light Condensed Italic

 Poynter Gothic Text - Light

 Poynter Gothic Text - Light Italic

 Poynter Gothic Text - Regular Condensed

 Poynter Gothic Text - Regular Condensed Italic

 Poynter Gothic Text - Regular

 Poynter Gothic Text - Regular Italic

 Poynter Gothic Text - Bold Condensed

 Poynter Gothic Text - Bold Condensed Italic

 Poynter Gothic Text - Bold

 Poynter Gothic Text - Bold Italic

 Poynter Gothic Text - Black Condensed

 Poynter Gothic Text - Black Condensed Italic

 Poynter Gothic Text - Black

 Poynter Gothic Text - Black Italic

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