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Poynter Agate

20 Styles

A readable Agate must be set at the smallest sizes on newsprint and printed at high speed. Basic legibility demands that every character must be reduced to the ultimate in simple, effective, sanserif shapes. Using the Morris Fuller Benton drawings at the Smithsonian as a point of departure, David Berlow developed Poynter Agate from his long experience drawing complete agate series for 6 major newspapers, including the NY Times; FB 1997–2008

Poynter Agate is part of the Font Bureau Readability Series and will soon be available for purchase via our website at retail pricing. In the meantime, please call 617-423-8770 or email us to place your order.

Among other uses, Poynter Agate is recommended for Newspaper, Magazine, Book, Web and Corporate use.

Change text:

Poynter Agate Zero - Compressed

Poynter Agate Zero - Condensed

Poynter Agate Zero - Regular

Poynter Agate Zero - Bold Condensed

Poynter Agate Zero - Bold

Poynter Agate One - Compressed

Poynter Agate One - Condensed

Poynter Agate One - Regular

Poynter Agate One - Bold Condensed

Poynter Agate One - Bold

Poynter Agate Two - Compressed

Poynter Agate Two - Condensed

Poynter Agate Two - Regular

Poynter Agate Two - Bold Condensed

Poynter Agate Two - Bold

Poynter Agate Three - Compressed

Poynter Agate Three - Condensed

Poynter Agate Three - Regular

Poynter Agate Three - Bold Condensed

Poynter Agate Three - Bold

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