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Daniel Perraudin began the sketches for Parka in 2007. The design became a central part of his thesis for a diploma in Information Design from the University of Applied Sciences in Graz, Austria. Parka benefited from the support of designers Georg Salden and Günter Gerhard Lange. With its sturdy forms and humanistic influences, Parka performs evenly through all weights, showing great strength in smaller sizes; FB 2010


Parka is available as full-featured OpenType fonts with small caps, multiple figure styles, and other features.

Among other uses, Parka is recommended for Magazine and Corporate use.

Change text:

 Parka - Light

 Parka - Light Italic

 Parka - Regular

 Parka - Italic

 Parka - Medium

 Parka - Medium Italic

 Parka - Bold

 Parka - Bold Italic

 Parka - Extra Bold Italic

 Parka - Extra Bold

 Parka - Black

 Parka - Black Italic

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