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Old Modern

9 Styles
Old Modern is available for licensing.
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Old Modern deliberately revives elegant nineteenth-century descendants of Modern typefaces pioneered by Bodoni and the Didots. Long in serif, crisp in contrast, slender in form, the style represented Victorian social stability & self-assurance. Criticized as “mechanical” & “industrial” for a century, this self-assured letterform openly suggests contemporary prosperity. Designed in 3 weights and 3 widths by David Berlow; FB 1995–2000

Among other uses, Old Modern is recommended for Newspaper, Magazine, Book and Corporate use.

Change text:

Old Modern Compressed - Roman

Old Modern Condensed - Roman

Old Modern - Roman

Old Modern Compressed - Semi

Old Modern Condensed - Semi

Old Modern - Semi

Old Modern Compressed - Bold

Old Modern Condensed - Bold

Old Modern - Bold

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