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Heron Serif

20 Styles

Steadfast and no-nonsense, Heron is always ready to go to work. It began with a Joe Heroun commission for Men’s Health inspired by industrial, machine-made letters. Unlike other type with mechanical influences, Heron is a refined, versatile family, capable of doing the job in both headlines and small text. Heron Sans and Serif are born of hard iron and steel, but galvanized with Cyrus Highsmith’s warmth and energy; FB 2012


Heron Serif is available as full-featured OpenType fonts with tabular figures, arbitrary fractions, stylistic alternates, and extensive language support.

Fonts are also available in legacy Postscript format with limited character sets.

Heron Serif is also available for online use with @font-face through the Webtype hosted font service.

Among other uses, Heron Serif is recommended for Newspaper, Magazine and Corporate use.

Change text:

 Heron Serif Condensed - Light

 Heron Serif Condensed - Light Italic

 Heron Serif Condensed - Regular

 Heron Serif Condensed - Italic

 Heron Serif Condensed - Medium

 Heron Serif Condensed - Medium Italic

 Heron Serif Condensed - Semi Bold

 Heron Serif Condensed - Semi Bold Italic

 Heron Serif Condensed - Bold

 Heron Serif Condensed - Bold Italic

 Heron Serif - Light

 Heron Serif - Light Italic

 Heron Serif - Regular

 Heron Serif - Italic

 Heron Serif - Medium

 Heron Serif - Medium Italic

 Heron Serif - Semi Bold

 Heron Serif - Semi Bold Italic

 Heron Serif - Bold

 Heron Serif - Bold Italic

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