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16 Styles

The sixteen styles of Giza bring back the colorful power and variety of the original Egyptian letterforms, a glory of the Victorian era. Designer David Berlow based the family on showings in Vincent Figgins’ specimen of 1845, the triumphant introduction of this thunderous style. The truly unforgettable “Nine” weights were designed for ultimate emphasis in posters, and do their most effective work in the very largest of sizes; FB 1994

Giza is also available for online use with @font-face through the Webtype hosted font service.

Among other uses, Giza is recommended for Newspaper, Magazine and Corporate use.

Change text:

 Giza - One One

 Giza - One Three

 Giza - One Five

 Giza - Three One

 Giza - Three Three

 Giza - Three Five

 Giza - Five Three

 Giza - Five Five

 Giza - Five Seven

 Giza - Seven Three

 Giza - Seven Five

 Giza - Seven Seven

 Giza - Seven Nine

 Giza - Nine One

 Giza - Nine Three

 Giza - Nine Five

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