Georgia Pro

20 Styles

Originally designed in 1996 by Matthew Carter for Microsoft as a sturdy, dependable serif type for optimal clarity in online reading, Georgia has become a familiar and trusted voice in settings both on and off the monitor. Steve Matteson added new weights, a Condensed width, multiple figure sets & small caps (all with extensive hinting by Tom Rickner), extending Georgia Pro’s versatility in print as well as on screen; FB 2011


Georgia Pro is available as full-featured OpenType fonts with small caps, both lining & oldstyle figures, and extensive pan-European language support.

Georgia Pro is also available for online use with @font-face through the Webtype hosted font service.

Among other uses, Georgia Pro is recommended for Magazine, Book, Web and Corporate use.

Change text:

 Georgia Pro - Condensed Light

 Georgia Pro - Condensed Light Italic

 Georgia Pro - Light

 Georgia Pro - Light Italic

 Georgia Pro - Condensed Regular

 Georgia Pro - Condensed Italic

 Georgia Pro - Regular

 Georgia Pro - Italic

 Georgia Pro - Condensed Semi Bold

 Georgia Pro - Condensed Semi Bold Italic

 Georgia Pro - Semi Bold

 Georgia Pro - Semi Bold Italic

 Georgia Pro - Condensed Bold

 Georgia Pro - Condensed Bold Italic

 Georgia Pro - Bold

 Georgia Pro - Bold Italic

 Georgia Pro - Condensed Black

 Georgia Pro - Condensed Black Italic

 Georgia Pro - Black

 Georgia Pro - Black Italic

Georgia Pro Minisite
Georgia Pro Minisite

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