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Font Bureau is a founding member of Type Network, a new model for type design, development, licensing, and use. Owned and operated by type designers, Type Network features a common catalog and shopping cart offering fonts from Font Bureau and other member foundries.

Font Bureau’s current licenses, with no changes to existing terms, are now served through Type Network.

Bodega Serif

9 Styles

Inspired by Font Bureau’s rapid success with the 1990 Bodega Sans, Greg Thompson designed Bodega Serif two years later. It duplicates the same weights and styles as the original in an alternative seriffed design, providing contrasting yet ingeniously related Art Deco textures. The Bodega pair of matched series offers to the enquiring typographer unusual matched alternatives for building imaginative display typography; FB 1992

Among other uses, Bodega Serif is recommended for Newspaper, Magazine, Book, Web and Corporate use.

Change text:

 Bodega Serif - Light Smallcaps

 Bodega Serif - Light Oldstyle

 Bodega Serif - Light

 Bodega Serif - Medium Smallcaps

 Bodega Serif - Medium Oldstyle

 Bodega Serif - Medium

 Bodega Serif - Black Smallcaps

 Bodega Serif - Black Oldstyle

 Bodega Serif - Black

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