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Benton Sans

80 Styles

In 1903 faced with the welter of sans offered by ATF, Morris Fuller Benton designed News Gothic, a 20th century standard. In 1995 Tobias Frere-Jones studied drawings in the Smithsonian and started a redesign. Cyrus Highsmith reviewed News Gothic, and with the Font Bureau studio expanded it into Benton Sans, a far reaching new series, with matched weights, widths and performance well beyond the limits of the original; FB 1995-2012


Benton Sans is provided as premium OpenType fonts with a full set of professional OT layout features and extended language support.

Certain styles of Benton Sans are also available as OpenType WGL fonts which cover the Microsoft WGL pan-European character set, including Greek and Cyrillic, and support all EU languages. Please call or email us with your inquiry.

Benton Sans is also available for online use with @font-face through the Webtype hosted font service.

Among other uses, Benton Sans is recommended for Newspaper, Magazine, Book and Corporate use.

Change text:

 Benton Sans Extra Compressed - Thin

 Benton Sans Extra Compressed - Thin Italic

 Benton Sans Compressed - Thin

 Benton Sans Compressed - Thin Italic

 Benton Sans Condensed - Thin

 Benton Sans Condensed - Thin Italic

 Benton Sans - Thin

 Benton Sans - Thin Italic

 Benton Sans Wide - Thin

 Benton Sans Wide - Thin Italic

 Benton Sans Extra Compressed - Extra Light

 Benton Sans Extra Compressed - Extra Light Italic

 Benton Sans Compressed - Extra Light

 Benton Sans Compressed - Extra Light Italic

 Benton Sans Condensed - Extra Light

 Benton Sans Condensed - Extra Light Italic

 Benton Sans - Extra Light

 Benton Sans - Extra Light Italic

 Benton Sans Wide - Extra Light

 Benton Sans Wide - Extra Light Italic

 Benton Sans Extra Compressed - Light

 Benton Sans Extra Compressed - Light Italic

 Benton Sans Compressed - Light

 Benton Sans Compressed - Light Italic

 Benton Sans Condensed - Light

 Benton Sans Condensed - Light Italic

 Benton Sans - Light

 Benton Sans - Light Italic

 Benton Sans Wide - Light

 Benton Sans Wide - Light Italic

 Benton Sans Extra Compressed - Book

 Benton Sans Extra Compressed - Book Italic

 Benton Sans Compressed - Book

 Benton Sans Compressed - Book Italic

 Benton Sans Condensed - Book

 Benton Sans Condensed - Book Italic

 Benton Sans - Book

 Benton Sans - Book Italic

 Benton Sans Wide - Book

 Benton Sans Wide - Book Italic

 Benton Sans Extra Compressed - Regular

 Benton Sans Extra Compressed - Regular Italic

 Benton Sans Compressed - Regular

 Benton Sans Compressed - Regular Italic

 Benton Sans Condensed - Regular

 Benton Sans Condensed - Regular Italic

 Benton Sans - Regular

 Benton Sans - Regular Italic

 Benton Sans Wide - Regular

 Benton Sans Wide - Regular Italic

 Benton Sans Extra Compressed - Medium

 Benton Sans Extra Compressed - Medium Italic

 Benton Sans Compressed - Medium

 Benton Sans Compressed - Medium Italic

 Benton Sans Condensed - Medium

 Benton Sans Condensed - Medium Italic

 Benton Sans - Medium

 Benton Sans - Medium Italic

 Benton Sans Wide - Medium

 Benton Sans Wide - Medium Italic

 Benton Sans Extra Compressed - Bold

 Benton Sans Extra Compressed - Bold Italic

 Benton Sans Compressed - Bold

 Benton Sans Compressed - Bold Italic

 Benton Sans Condensed - Bold

 Benton Sans Condensed - Bold Italic

 Benton Sans - Bold

 Benton Sans - Bold Italic

 Benton Sans Wide - Bold

 Benton Sans Wide - Bold Italic

 Benton Sans Extra Compressed - Black

 Benton Sans Extra Compressed - Black Italic

 Benton Sans Compressed - Black

 Benton Sans Compressed - Black Italic

 Benton Sans Condensed - Black

 Benton Sans Condensed - Black Italic

 Benton Sans - Black

 Benton Sans - Black Italic

 Benton Sans Wide - Black

 Benton Sans Wide - Black Italic

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