15 Styles

Tobias Frere-Jones began Armada in 1987. An experiment in algorithmic design, Armada follows the verticals and flat arches so often to be found in the architectural geometry of cast iron and brickwork in nineteenth- century American cityscapes. All of the weights and widths of Armada were drawn by Frere-Jones, offering a full display series of remarkable richness, all variations in a truly architectural theme & discipline; FB 1994

Among other uses, Armada is recommended for Magazine and Corporate use.

Change text:

 Armada - Thin Compressed

 Armada - Light Compressed

 Armada - Regular Compressed

 Armada - Bold Compressed

 Armada - Black Compressed

 Armada - Thin Condensed

 Armada - Light Condensed

 Armada - Regular Condensed

 Armada - Bold Condensed

 Armada - Black Condensed

 Armada - Thin

 Armada - Light

 Armada - Regular

 Armada - Bold

 Armada - Black

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