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David Berlow and staff drew Apres as part of a series designed originally for the Palm Pre smart phone, for use both on the device and in print marketing. Simple, open letterforms and generous proportions provide a clear, comfortable, and inviting experience for navigation and readability. The plain-spoken geometry is regular and balanced, without being static or mechanical, for a friendly and forthright familiarity; FB 2008

Apres is also available for online use with @font-face through the Webtype hosted font service.

Among other uses, Apres is recommended for Magazine, Web, Corporate, Custom and Upcoming use.

Change text:

 Apres - Extra Condensed Thin

 Apres - Extra Condensed Thin Italic

 Apres - Condensed Thin

 Apres - Condensed Thin Italic

 Apres - Narrow Thin

 Apres - Narrow Thin Italic

 Apres - Thin

 Apres - Thin Italic

 Apres - Extra Condensed Light

 Apres - Extra Condensed Light Italic

 Apres - Condensed Light

 Apres - Condensed Light Italic

 Apres - Narrow Light

 Apres - Narrow Light Italic

 Apres - Light

 Apres - Light Italic

 Apres - Extra Condensed Regular

 Apres - Extra Condensed Italic

 Apres - Condensed Regular

 Apres - Condensed Italic

 Apres - Narrow Regualr

 Apres - Narrow Italic

 Apres - Regular

 Apres - Italic

 Apres - Extra Condensed Bold

 Apres - Extra Condensed Bold Italic

 Apres - Condensed Bold

 Apres - Condensed Bold Italic

 Apres - Narrow Bold

 Apres - Narrow Bold Italic

 Apres - Bold

 Apres - Bold Italic

 Apres - Extra Condensed Heavy

 Apres - Extra Condensed Heavy Italic

 Apres - Condensed Heavy

 Apres - Condensed Heavy Italic

 Apres - Narrow Heavy

 Apres - Narrow Heavy Italic

 Apres - Heavy

 Apres - Heavy Italic

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