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TYPE DESIGN · February 19, 2009

You Can’t Make an Umlaut…

For me, making typefaces is usually a tedious process: draw, revise, repeat. I often need to step away for some hours, days, or years, and let them incubate on my desk until I can determine what the next step is.

But once in a while something will hatch, fully formed, from my head. My typeface Eggwhite was like that. I was trying to doodle my way out of an endless meeting when it happened. I could see exactly how the typeface would look. I just had to draw it before I forgot.

Since the year 2000, when Eggwhite was released into the wild, I’ve only seen it in use a couple of times. Once was in a television commercial for some kind of mad-scientist-themed snack product that may have been just a dream I had. I had fallen asleep in front of the television in a hotel room after being cooped up all day in a windowless room, judging a type competition. That can do funny things to you.

But unless my brain is still scrambled, I’m not dreaming that a distorted version of Eggwhite is used to promote some kind of smooshed fruit snack. I have a box of them right here on my desk.

Either way, Eggwhite fans (there might be a few out there, a dozen at most) will be excited to hear that it’s been spotted recently on the streets of Providence, Rhode Island.

And I have photographic proof this time: it is being used on city bus advertisements accompanied by illustrations whipped up by Jesse LeDoux. I think that’s Relay there on the bottom also.


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