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NEW TYPE · March 6, 2008

New Fonts: Scout and FB Moderno

March 6, 2008. Boston

Font Bureau is excited to announce the release of two major new typefaces from our drawing studio - Scout and FB Moderno.


A fresh new sans serif, something always useful, Scout (and a related logotype) was drawn by Cyrus Highsmith, a senior type designer at Font Bureau, for Geraldine Hessler’s 2006 redesign of Entertainment Weekly. The 24 style family marks the magazine’s first significant typographic update in a decade. Scout created a new typographic identity for the magazine with a design that derives structural elements from both new and old: DIN, Venus, and Cairoli.

24 Styles: thin, extra light, light, regular, bold, and black with italics in normal and condensed widths.


Intended for display use in print publications, David Berlow conceived FB Moderno as a relative of Giza, our famous slab serif. He used Apple’s (later abandoned) GX technology to interpolate between two 19th century serif styles, a “slab” and a “modern” - a type design first!

After being adopted by Eduardo Danilo for the design of Reforma in Mexico City (1993), and then Roger Black’s redesign of the Baltimore Sun (1994-95), and by Esquire magazine, the Montreal Gazette expanded the family under Louise Vincent. Cases i Associats added even more weights for La Stampa in Turin.

David Berlow and Richard Lipton have now aligned the weights and widths to make a super 32 style family, in much the same manner Bureau Grot was tamed to make a wide mix of styles. This is a classic (actually neo-classical) Font Bureau tale of custom font development. The result, we offer a complete 21st Century Modern Family to you: FB Moderno (Modern is the traditional name for Bodoni-like typefaces that have a lot of contrast between thicks and thins).

32 Styles: light, regular, semibold, and bold in normal, condensed, extra condensed, and compressed widths. All with italics.

For more information or to request a press kit, please email or call Harry Parker or Samantha Grimsley-Franklin at 617 423 8770.

The Font Bureau, Inc.
179 South Street, 7th Floor
Boston MA 02111

617 423 8770 (voice)
617 423 8771 (fax)


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