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SKETCHES · May 11, 2011

alphabet sketch

SKETCHES · April 7, 2011

the mighty atom

Happy birthday, Astroboy!

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SEEN AND NOTED · March 25, 2011

practice practice practice

Laurie Rosenwald spotted our typeface, Loupot at Carnegie Hall.

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SKETCHES · March 11, 2011


A glagolitic sketch.

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SKETCHES · February 17, 2011

A is for apple

To be continued…

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NEWS · January 18, 2011


If you can read that, you might enjoy this interview with me at Font Club.

NEWS · December 21, 2010


R Crumb said he traded one of his sketchbooks for a house in the south of France. I haven't had offers like that for any of my sketchbooks but I was very proud to contribute a few pages to Graphic: Inside the Sketchbooks of the World's Great Graphic Designers by Steven Heller and Lita Talarico. I received a copy yesterday. I am impressed with the diverse selection of sketchbook pages from some very talented people including Laurie Rosenwald, Scott Stowell, and many others. It’s a great book. Also, please get in touch if you have a house ...

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SKETCHES · December 1, 2010

letter space

Letter space is the white space between the letters. It’s like a puzzle piece that holds them together.

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SKETCHES · November 4, 2010

just my type

A limited edition poster by Cyrus Highsmith.

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SKETCHES · October 12, 2010


A very brief animated version history of the book, more or less.

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