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NEWS · April 2, 2012

touch of lettering

Providence’s Cable Car Cinema commissioned me to create a poster for their screening of Orson Welles' revenge flick, Touch of Evil. It’s a big three-color screen print and it’s available from Tiny Showcase.

SKETCHES · February 2, 2012

letras de españa

What’s better than getting a bunch of comic books in the mail all the way from Spain? When the box has great lettering on the address label.

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SKETCHES · January 10, 2012

fluorescent a

SKETCHES · December 23, 2011


NEWS · November 29, 2011


Typsnittstecknaren Cyrus Highsmith is giving a talk in Stockholm this Friday.

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NEWS · November 11, 2011

New Poster

I'm excited to announce a new print for sale at Tiny Showcase. This one is a 2 color silkscreened edition of 100 printed by The Head Light Hotel. There are only about 20 left. There are also a few letterpress alphabet prints left too.

NEWS · September 28, 2011

alphabet poster!

I have a new limited-edition print for sale at Tiny Showcase. It's got the alphabet on it. It's in red and black and white. It was printed by EM Letterpress.

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SKETCHES · July 15, 2011


NEWS · June 3, 2011

Thinking in Contour

I'll be at Cooper Union next week to give a lecture and workshop as part of the mighty Type Masters Week NYC, brought to you by the Type Directors Club and Font Bureau. If you are closer to Spain, I am doing a 3-day workshop in July.

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SKETCHES · May 23, 2011

roman roman