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NEWS · June 10, 2009

Palm Pre Launches with System Fonts by Font Bureau

June 10, 2009 - Boston.

The Palm® Pre™ is already selling out — after great reviews. The revolutionary new user interface is enhanced by new fonts from the Font Bureau.

This past weekend’s notable release of the Palm Pre also saw the debut of custom fonts developed especially for the Pre by the Font Bureau.

To build a unique visual experience for the Pre user, Palm commissioned a suite of fonts from the Font Bureau, a type foundry noted for its many custom designs for major publications and corporations. The fonts, named Prelude, were designed by Font Bureau co-founder David Berlow, who has also developed fonts for Microsoft and Apple.

Prelude is an original sans serif design of simple, generous letterforms which provide a clear, comfortable, and inviting experience for navigation and readability. A family of six fonts was developed for the Palm Pre. A related set of fonts, named Apres, which are tuned specifically for use in print and marketing, were also developed by Berlow and the Font Bureau.

Noted publication designer and consultant Roger Black, of Roger Black Studio, Inc., consulted with Matías Duarte, Peter Skillman, and the Palm team on the project. When it came time to select typefaces for the Palm user interface, as well as the web and print branding, Black suggested developing custom solutions with Berlow, a long-time collaborator.

“David Berlow has worked on the fonts for all kinds of screen and print uses,” said Black. “It makes sense that Palm turned to him for the fonts for their potentially revolutionary operating system, webOS™.

“As the name suggests, the Palm’s webOS is based on web standards. With David’s unrivaled understanding of these standards, and Palm’s dedication to a high quality solution, the Pre is able to deliver an obvious improvement in readability — as well as bringing a consistent and stylish visual experience to the user.”

In his review for, Joshua Topolsky noted, “The selection of fonts and font styling, use of transparencies, unified look of all of the elements, smooth transitions, and detailed application icons tie together in a really elegant way.”

Palm Pre with Prelude by Font Bureau
Prelude styles

About Font Bureau
Font Bureau was founded in 1989 by noted publications designer and consultant Roger Black and type designer David Berlow to serve the emerging needs of microcomputer-based magazine and newspaper publishers seeking unique typographic identities. During the past 20 years, Font Bureau has designed more than 1,500 fonts for more than 300 publications, many of which have become part of Font Bureau’s Retail Library.

Mary Louise Marino, Marketing Coordinator

The Font Bureau, Inc.
179 South Street, 7th Floor
Boston MA 02111

Phone: (617) 423-8770
Fax: (617) 423-8771


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