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NEWS · May 21, 2008

One-Line Type Specimens Third Edition

As previously mentioned here, Font Bureau was just on Martha’s Vineyard, without me. While discussing the future of fonts, I envisioned them sucking oyster juices from their type-designing fingers and munching on a particular kind of joy known as Humphrey’s sandwiches. Elsewhere, I was off-island in Wilmington, Massachussets at Kirkwood Printing on press check with my fifth cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee in hand. Font Bureau’s new One-Line Type Specimens Third Edition was chugging away on their 4-color Mitsubishi.

At hour 32 the nightshift pressman returned and asked Did you go home?

No, but your couch is comfy

12 hours prior, he and I were right there, looking for hickies under the fake daylight lamps and perfecting ink density to cope with FB Titling Gothic Skyline Black and Interstate Hairline landing on the same signature.

Denying myself sleep to check signatures every four hours left me proud and bewildered. One must suffer for typography, right? My heart goes out to designers who do this regularly. Luckily, the Vineyard contingent returned and Harry Parker, our office manager (see photo with Pressman Bob below) joined me for the cover proofing off the 6-color Heidelberg on Monday.

There are two ways to get your own copy of our 72-page perfect bound booklet printed on FSC approved recycled paper. Attend this year’s HOW Conference in Boston, or sign up for our mailing list here.

-- Robb Ogle


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