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NEW TYPE, NEWS · August 23, 2012

Turnip: New from Font Bureau

Here in the northern hemisphere, summer is in full swing and the growing season will soon reach its peak. At Font Bureau, we’ve already got one crop that’s ripe for the picking:

Introducing Turnip, a new font family by David Jonathan Ross.

With Turnip, Ross created a strong and original text typeface with an energetic tension between squarish inner and round outer shapes. Turnip is rustic but not unrefined — an easygoing, charming, and readable face for body text. It is an “exploration in ruggedness,” as Ross states it, inspired by a fondness for Bookman.

Turnip comes in six weights from light to black, each with italics. The fonts are outfitted with extended language support and a host of OpenType layout features — including small caps, case-sensitive punctuation, multiple figure styles, arbitrary fractions, numeric & alphabetic superiors, stylistic alternates, plus a collection of ornaments and borders.

Turnip is also the first type family from Font Bureau to be developed and released simultaneously for both print and web use (through our partners at Webtype). What makes Turnip particularly versatile for websites is the inclusion of Turnip RE (Reading Edge) fonts specially adapted for small sizes onscreen. Read more about Turnip for web use on Webtype’s blog.

Whether you’re looking for a rugged face for print or a robust design for web use — or want to coordinate both! — the Turnip family is ready for harvest. Dig in.

Turnip in use in the September 2011 catalog for the Wood Type, Evolved exhibition at the Center for Book & Paper Arts at Columbia College Chicago.


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