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NEW TYPE, NEWS · November 28, 2012

New Type: Serge

We are delighted to introduce Cyrus Highsmith’s latest design in a simultaneous release for the desktop and web. Bonjour, Serge!

Highsmith is known for his all-around workhorse families like Antenna, Benton Sans, and Salvo, but sometimes he lets loose the reins and raises a show pony. Serge is just that: a frisky, acrobatic face that dashes off decorative blurbs, signs, and headlines with a lively, angular zest. The family has three weights, from Regular to Black, but all are equally light on their feet.

Serge recalls the rich lettering tradition of France (think Roger Excoffon’s Mistral) but combines it with a truly contemporary flavor. Some might not even call Serge a script but rather an informal sans serif. Unconnected and angular, with straight terminals, it is less calligraphic and closer to sign painting and shop-front lettering.

Despite its decorative nature, the small family is not filled with whiz-bang features. It simply sets attractive lines of vibrant type without fuss. Still, if you want to add some extra flair, the optional set of swashes comes in handy. Judiciously designed ligatures also prevent character clashing and maintain the freehand flow.

Serge is available for desktop use from Font Bureau, or as screen-optimized webfonts at Webtype where you can give it a 30-day try for free.


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