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NEW TYPE · February 11, 2013

New Type: Savanna Script

On this Valentine’s week, we are pleased to announce another labor of love by our master of the calligraphic script, Richard Lipton. With typefaces like Avalon, Sloop, and Tangier, Lipton continually transforms the elegance of pen-on-paper into beautiful, functional fonts. His latest is Savanna Script.

Lipton has long been fascinated by the work of Friedrich Neugebauer and Martin Wilke, modern calligraphers whose square-edged pen updated 16th-century styles. The three-weight Savanna Script is an ode to these pioneers, a very condensed hand that dances with a rapid yet effortless energy.

A sample of the calligraphy of Martin Wilke, one of the inspirations for Savanna Script.

Savanna’s unique capitals are quite narrow and much taller than the lowercase, imparting words with a towering grace. But whenever there isn’t ample room for her to stretch out, Savanna offers two complete sets of caps at a middle and low height. These, along with the three weights, give the family a versatility that is uncommon in formal scripts.

Also, in what has become a Lipton tradition, there is a variety of alternates available to fit the space and mood. These include multiple ascender and descender styles with single, double, or looping strokes; ‘t’ and ‘f’ crossbars at varying heights and lengths; and letters designed specifically to begin or end words.

We can’t wait to see how you incorporate Savanna Script into your own labors of love.


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