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NEW TYPE, NEWS · November 7, 2012

Quiosco: Now Available

Already available on newsstands everywhere, so to speak — Quiosco, designed by Cyrus Highsmith, is now part of our Retail library and available for licensing and download.

While initially conceived for newspaper text, Quiosco has also found gainful employment in a variety of magazines — Sports Illustrated, TV Guide, Outside, and The Hollywood Reporter, to name-drop just a few.

With Quiosco, Highsmith continues an examination of themes and possibilities which he first explored in Prensa, inspired by the work of W.A. Dwiggins — specifically a dynamic tension between inner and outer contours. However, the crackling, electrical energy of Prensa here gives way to a more fluid, mercurial muscularity in Quiosco.

Quiosco, as seen in the pages of Sports Illustrated, circa 2009.

From the current issue of Outside magazine.

The new Quiosco premium fonts include the FB Extended Latin character set, which covers all major languages and dialects written with the Latin alphabet, plus a host of professional OpenType layout features including small caps, ligatures, both lining and oldstyle figures (plus tabular forms of each), and fractions.

Quiosco comes in six styles (three weights): Regular & Italic, Semibold & Semibold Italic, and Bold & Bold Italic.

Quiosco supports Spanish, Slovak, Czech, Turkish, Polish, Latvian, Hungarian, and many more.

Quiosco was originally part of Font Bureau’s Readability Series, with four different grades for a range of press environments. These grades are also available at retail pricing for those circumstances where fine control is required. If you require a specific grade or all grades, please call or e-mail us with your inquiry.


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