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NEW TYPE · November 11, 2002

Font Bureau Announces New Type for El Universal

In July, 2002, El Universal, a leading Mexico City daily, launched a dramatic redesign. The styling is the work of Eduardo Danilo, a principal of Danilo Black of Monterrey, Mexico, and features text & display series of original typefaces from the hand of Font Bureau’s Cyrus Highsmith. Nicholas Kis’ seventeenth century romans provide the inspiration for Highsmith’s new Universal Display. “It gives our new design the energetic character of Mexico City itself” said Danilo.

The Universal text series, roman, italic and small caps was developed in the Font Bureau office in Boston. For inspiration Highsmith found himself studying an unlikely combination of the sculptural oldstyle letterforms of the seventeenth century Hungarian master, Nicholas Kis, and the plain, legible design of C.H. Griffith’s classic news face, Ionic No. 5. The result is a readable and sturdy oldstyle newsface with dynamic character.

Initially Ultra, DemiBold and Roman display were planned as simple extensions of the Universal text series, but Danilo wanted more. Newspapers are sold on the street in Mexico. Headlines must call out clearly. Highsmith gave the display a large lowercase and compact fit to make its presence felt. The curves are swift and decisive, the serifs sharp and clear. Universal Display captures the eye of readers as they walk by.

The Font Bureau works with publishers worldwide, contributing to redesign of more than two hundred newspapers to date, from New York to Los Angeles, Boston to San Francisco, Santiago & Mexico City, London, Stockholm, Prague & Singapore.

To learn more about our newspaper services — from suggestions on a font tocomplete redesign — please contact us.

For more press information, or font samples, send an email to or call Font Bureau at 617.423.8770.


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