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NEW TYPE · November 10, 2002

Font Bureau Announces Miller Daily & Miller Headline

November 10, 2002 Boston — The Font Bureau, Inc., an independent digital type foundry, introduces two series: Matthew Carter’s Miller Daily, a newspaper bodycopy version of the already popular Miller family, with Miller Headline for display. For a typographic evaluation of Miller we can do no better than quote the words of James Mosley, of St. Bride’s Printing Library, London: “Matthew Carter’s Miller is not a facsimile of Miller’s Scotch Roman, any more than his Galliard was a facsimile of any one type by Robert Granjon. What it has done is to capture the good color, and the generous breadth and modelling of its model, and to bring a valid version of “Scotch Roman” back into current use after a lapse [in England] of some decades. Miller was made with current production needs in mind, of which the two versions, “Display” & the more robust “Text” versions are evidence, and so is its relatively large x-height.”

Miller Text and Display, the general purpose version, has been available in the Font Bureau Retail Library since 1997. One form or another of Miller is now in use in redesigns at The Guardian in London, National Post, Straits Times in Singapore, Dallas Morning News, Hindustan Times, San Jose Mercury News, and most recently, The Boston Globe. The typeface has a long news tradition. The earliest known type specimen prepared for newspaper use was issued in Glasgow by the Wilson typefoundry in the 1820s, displaying an ancestor of Miller.

In preparing Miller for broad use as a newspaper face, Carter & Cone and Font Bureau are releasing Miller Daily, four closely spaced grades for text use, and the growing headline series, Miller Headline. Font Bureau works with publishers worldwide, contributing to redesign of more than two hundred newspapers.

For more press information, or font samples, visit our web site at; send an email to; or call Font Bureau at 617.423.8770.

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