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Lending a Hand (or a Face)

As our tech gent once commented, this is the time of year when we hear from brides and the mothers of brides. That is to say, it’s wedding season and all of a sudden, script typefaces are just as important as the cake.

Sometimes, it helps having a friend who’s a type designer lend a hand, or in this case, a face. Dyana Weissman’s script-in-progress graces the invitations of her friends’ wedding.

Photo credit: Top photograph by Lydia Powers. Bottom two photographs by Allison and Chris Britton Photography.

The inspiration for Dyana’s typeface started with letters found in a 1966 hardcover copy of Jan Tschichold’s Treasury of Alphabets and Lettering. She also studied an original 400-year-old copy of Les Oeuvres de Lucas Materot at Harvard’s Rare Book Collection. Dyana has been working on perfecting a connecting lowercase with alternates.

Even as an unfinished typeface, it has made its way into the New York State of Design Exhibit highlighting professional communications design work. Check out page 44 of the online catalog, along with more examples from the designer of the wedding invitations, Lydia Powers (also the groom’s sister).

Unless you're a friend of Dyana's, you’ll have to wait to get a copy of her typeface for that wedding invitation you’ve been asked to design. In the meantime, may we recommend several of our other lovely script typefaces to choose from: Avalon, Biscotti, Novia, Pouty, and Sloop.


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