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If It’s May, It Must Be Offsite …

This past weekend, May 1st through the 3rd, we gathered for our annual offsite meeting -- a chance for the whole FB team to get together in one location. Once again this year, the tribe descended on Martha’s Vineyard, home to our peerless leaders, both David and Sam (for a little while longer, anyway).

The gathering consists of FB staff, consultants & “extended family,” and wise counsel (i.e., Matthew Carter ;-). It’s a once-a-year opportunity to get everyone together in the same place at the same time -- a time for a little reflection and a little projection: reviewing sales figures, discussing trends and opportunities, sharing recent accomplishments, and forging a vision for the immediate future and beyond.

That’s the official meeting part. The unofficial part included plenty of “watercooler” catch-up -- a whole year’s worth packed into two-and-a-half days -- from discussions about strategies in glyph naming, to comparing notes on the Celtics’ prospects and the latest Hugh Jackman movie, to oohing and aahing over the newest little Highsmith (who could resist cooing at baby Frances?).

There was plenty of good food (thank you, Tea Lane Caterers), good friends, and good times. The weather was mostly cloudy and drizzly; but despite a similar forecast in the current national economic outlook, the mood was mostly sunny and optimistic.

May Day happens to be Mike Parker‘s birthday. This year was his 80th. So we kicked off with a celebration that was low-key, but heartfelt. Mike, Matthew, David, and Roger regaled us with stories of the early days of digital type (and some pre-digital), Linotype, Bitstream, FB, and even some Rolling Stone adventures.

This year marks Font Bureau’s 20th anniversary -- 20 years that have seen their fair share of changes and evolution in type-making and type-using. Here’s to the next 20!

Jill and David reviewing a current project.

Matthew and Cyrus comparing notes.

Sam (center) and Michael (right) strategizing, while Jay looks on.

Roger making a characteristically witty observation.


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