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NEW TYPE, NEWS · December 12, 2013

New Release: Icebox

Frozen water, in the right hands, can be extraordinary. Next time you’re sitting in front of an expert bartender, don't be surprised when she reaches for a club and chisel. A carefully carved chunk of ice can withstand more than one pour of a straight spirit, become infused and round slowly with the night. After your last sip, the seasoned ice remains.

Like a mixologist, Cyrus Highsmith takes his ingredients seriously. In 1997, he bought a box of colorful magnetic letters at a variety store. These familiar household items — the first letters many kids get their hands on — could easily be taken for granted. But the square, plastic shapes inspired him to design a type family that didn't need a refrigerator.

Today we announce Icebox, an angular and compact sans serif available in three weights. The design has evolved from its playful origin, taking influence from new things, like a manhole cover, to become a sturdy typeface with serious undertones. The three styles — Light, Regular, Bold — are more than weight changes; the lowercase ’g’ is most notable in how it coolly changes form.

Though it’s easy to imagine these letters scattered on a refrigerator door, Icebox can challenge conventions. Why destine display type to a predictable life? Instead, open the refrigerator and reimagine the label on a boring pickle jar. Or leave the kitchen and turn to your bookshelf. Find an overly-serious dust jacket: could it use a knowing wink?

Icebox sounds like what it is. But it won't be winter forever. When the last icicle is a distant memory Icebox will still be standing upright, ready for a new challenge. At that point, you might even call it seasoned.

➝ View the Icebox PDF specimen.
➝ In addition to desktop licenses, Icebox is available from Webtype.

If you license all of Icebox you'll receive a Magnet style for free. Magnet incorporates the randomness of youth with contextual alternates — eight bouncy options for each letter — and is good, literal fun.


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