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NEW TYPE · October 14, 2002

Font Bureau Introduces New Type for The Los Angeles Times

Boston, October 13 , 2002 — On October 13 the columns of The Los Angeles Times appeared in a solid new Ionic, LA Text, with a series of new display designs centering on LA Headline. Improving typography within Times tradition is the work of Design Deputy Managing Editor Joe Hutchinson, designer Roger Black, and FontBureau’s David Berlow. For LA Headline, Black turned to a seventeenth century design, the romans of Nicholas Kis. “The brilliance of these classical types provides dynamic contrast with the text, the spark that illuminates the design,” said Hutchinson.

The LA Times emphasizes the character of different departments with a rich variety of display types: Belizio, LA Gothic, Victoria, and the full range of Benton Gothics. The combination of smooth Ionic text with the vitality of Kis heads and decks runs through the paper, tying it together. Ionic was the first typeform to be specifically prepared for news text. “The fact that the design works so well after 75 years gives us confidence that it will serve the readers of the Los Angeles Times for some time to come,” said Hutchinson. The Kis style became the basis of LA Headline and LA Deck, which are used through all feature sections for headlines and subheads. Both series were adapted for the Los Angeles Times by David Berlow, president of Font Bureau.

The Font Bureau works with publishers worldwide, contributing to redesign ofmore than two hundred newspapers from New York to Los Angeles, Boston to San Francisco, Santiago & Mexico City to London, Stockholm, Prague & Singapore.

To learn more about our newspaper services — from suggestions on a font to complete redesign — contact us at


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