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NEW TYPE · October 29, 2004

New Font: Farnham by Christian Schwartz

October 29th Boston — Font Bureau, Inc. is proud to release Farnham, a transitional family from Christian Schwartz inspired by Johann Fleischman.

In the late 1700’s, Baskerville, Fournier and Fleischman led a dynamic shift in the design of typefaces. Their designs link the oldstyles first cut by Augereau and Garamond to the true moderns of Didot and Bodoni. Johann Michael Fleischman was German, master punchcutter at the Enschedé Typefoundry in Haarlem. He used better tools on finer steel to obtain lighter strokes and sharper curves. His type sparkles on the page, mixing vertical and angled stress with a personal approach to serif structures. New York type designer Christian Schwartz, long an admirer, brings his designs into the 21st century: “Farnham is my attempt to capture the vitality of Fleischman without being obediently historical.”

Schwartz was taken with the individuality of Fleischman’s forms. Farnham is an aggressively contemporary family, not a politely drawn museum piece. He worked from Enschedé specimens printed from original types, preserving the spirit while adjusting the forms to produce a full range of weights for text and display.

The series has been chosen for Men’s Journal, El Gráfico, eye~rhyme, the Harvard Law Bulletin and Life.

Farnham was awarded a Certificate of Typographic Excellence by the Type Directors Club in 2004, and has already been exhibited in New York, San Diego, San Francisco, and Prague.

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For a press kit or more information, please email or call Harry Parker or Robb Ogle at 617 423 8770.


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