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NEWS · September 12, 2011

Fall Lineup

From Reykjavík for ATypI, to San Francisco for Brand New, Boston for the SND@ONA Meetup, then St. Louis for SND, Font Bureau and Webtype will be there as conference sponsors and speakers.

Roger Black, Cyrus Highsmith, Jill Pichotta, and Nick Sherman travel to Iceland where the letterform ð (eth) is part of the national identity. Roger and Cyrus take the audience on a non-technical adventure while Nick advocates matters of type and terminology.

Sam Berlow, Harry Parker, and Stephen Coles head to the West Coast for a gathering of designers and aficionados to report on all that is Brand New.

Back in Boston is the SND@ONA Meetup at the Back Bay Social Club where Sam Berlow, Dyana Weissman, Harry Parker, and Samantha Grimsley-Franklin mix and mingle with online news designers to support the SND Foundation.

Then in the arching Midwest Roger Black, Sam Berlow, Harry Parker, and Carrie Gee converge at SND where Sam offers insight on how to mirror typography from print to digital and Carrie shares creative strategies for brainstorming and reinventing career paths.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


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